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My guess is its tsunade.naruto 665 Aside from kabuto she’s the only one that fits in the longrun story wise. Sasuke’s goal is to become hokage and create a village without darkness. What better way than to separate the distinction between senju and uchiha (the long running grudge). Tsunade also has to die for that to happen since she still retains the title and from what we’ve been given orochimaru mended her. Not to mention he’s the antithesis of Madara. My prediction from this point on with Madara being a god is both sasuke and naruto has to attain the same power. Sasuke will get it from tsunade and naruto will get it from either Kakashi or obito or both. I have a feeling kabuto will play a role but not yet. The ninja tools will keep naruto alive to be able to use the powers given to him.

naruto manga 665

naruto manga 665

He’s not covering anything, the arrow blade is instantly made out of it automatically, without him having to shape it with his second ability. All those examples have the user purposely transforming or changing it. But in this situation, Sasuke hasn’t been shown purposely doing anything. It’s automatic, happening even when Sasuke hadn’t fully awaken it and it only existed for a moment. Making it quite a leap to believe so, especially without anything to base it on or any other examples. Susanoo itself needing to mold chakra and act does suggest there’s some connection. I still don’t understand, since I didn’t point to the Sharingan at all. I pointed out that even though he already had the Rinnegan active he still activate Susanoo, to counter your comment about it being just a Rinnegan technique. But I’m pretty sure I hadn’t mentioned anything about the Sharingan being needed for activation, especially since it has been shown Susanoo can be activated without the doujutsus themselves.
It kind of did. They aren’t that different, the point still has him conducting events. Given the past showing of both those techniques, there isn’t any reason to think that Madara couldn’t have broken out, especially when he has the nasty habit of breaking out of other powerful sealing techniques with ease. Madara’s claim was true even without that specific intervention. He already had his counterpieces in play, with Black Zetsu being there the entire time and now Spiral Zetsu also arriving on the field around the same time as his revival. Now it’s one thing if you don’t believe that Madara could have broken out on his own (I do given all that we have seen), but it’s clear that he could have broken out at any moment simply by calling upon them to help. As for your question, why would he? Madara has shown numerous times that he likes to screw with people, letting them get their hopes up and then smashing those hopes. He did it with Gaara’s division, he did it multiple times with the Gokages (despite “risking” being seal a few times), and he recently did so with the Bijuus (again “risking” being seal). He’s shown that just because he’s willing to mess around doesn’t mean that he can’t flat-out finish things if he truly wished it.

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